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Ayurvedic Juices

Daily consumption of these juices promotes healthy digestive, reproductive and respiratory system. It enhances wellness and is effective against acidity, weakness, irregular menstruation and eye diseases.

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Wheat Flour

Patanjali Flour is prepared using high quality wheat, which undergos various stringent tests. Blended well in an ultra-modern flour mill, the flour procured matches Patanjali standards and is rich in all essential nutrients. The vacuumised packaging process keeps the flour 100% fresh.

Cow Ghee

Made from clarified butter the granular textured Patanjali Cow Ghee, helps strengthening the immune system and enhance the flavor of your food. Comes with no added preservatives, 100% pure and is the ideal ghee to be consumed.

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Patanjali Rice is procured from one of the most fertile lands in the world– ‘India’. Processed and stored with care, maintaining the right atmospheric conditions and properly aged to provide the finest quality rice to the world.

Patanjali Powervita

Patanjali Powervita is a protein powder for milk. It comes with the goodness of milk protein enriched with Vitamin E, it helps in boosting brain power and immunity.


Patanjali Honey is pure and rich in fructose and other nutrients. It is an effective antiseptic and blood purifier. Daily use of Patanjali Honey keeps you away from cold, fever and cough.

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